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Reading: The Short & Curly Guide to Life, by Matt Beard and Kyla Slaven


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Book Review

The Short & Curly Guide to Life, by Matt Beard and Kyla Slaven


Andrew Rogers

St. Mark’s Anglican Community School, AU
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I am the full-time father of two very curious boys aged 7 and 8 for whom I do the daily school run commute and drop off, before I do my other job of teaching high school philosophy. It is a constant challenge to keep my car companions occupied every day, so I’m indebted to the ‘ABC Short and Curly’ podcast. My boys are big fans of the show, and our daily car journeys have been enlivened with often heated discussions about who we would save in a fire, or should we rob the rich to help the poor? Such questions have transformed my humble family car into a mobile ‘Philosophy in Schools’(P4C) classroom for our morning commute. The podcast provides the stimulus, while I facilitate the discussion as I navigate rush-hour traffic—it is a great way to prepare me for my school day.

As a result, I was excited to receive a copy of the accompanying series book The Short and Curly guide to life. The book is written by the Short and Curly’s resident Philosopher and Ethicist Dr Matt Beard and Kyla Slaven. The book approaches ethical issues in the style of a collection of ‘field research reports’ that are completed by characters from the ‘Brains Trust’ who take on the role of research agents. Twelve ethical issues are investigated at length, with a chapter being allocated to each—examples being lying, happiness, fairness, promises, friendship, bravery and integrity.

How to Cite: Rogers, A., 2020. The Short & Curly Guide to Life, by Matt Beard and Kyla Slaven. Journal of Philosophy in Schools, 7(1), pp.139–141. DOI:
Published on 05 Jun 2020.


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