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Reading: Double trouble: Numerous puzzles


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Double trouble: Numerous puzzles


Tim Sprod

University of Tasmania, AU
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Philip Cam’s Double Trouble can be found in his 1998 collection Twister, Quibbler, Puzzler, Cheat. This story is an especial favourite of mine, which I have used successfully with classes from mid-primary to senior secondary (and with adults).

This paper consists of two parts: the story in full; and an exploration of the philosophical background to many of the ideas contained in the story, including some references to discussions of the ideas in the philosophical tradition to support facilitators who use the story within a community of inquiry. I will consider three central issues in some detail, and four other emergent issues more briefly. In conclusion, I offer some more general thoughts as to how facilitators can prepare for using the story

How to Cite: Sprod, T., 2018. Double trouble: Numerous puzzles. Journal of Philosophy in Schools, 5(2), pp.79–94. DOI:
Published on 02 Oct 2018.
Peer Reviewed


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