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Andrew Peterson ,

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Dr, Editor
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Laura D’Olimpio

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Dr, Editor
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It is with pleasure that we welcome new and returning readers to the third issue of the Journal of Philosophy in Schools (JPS). Our second issue, published earlier this year, has reinforced the fact that there is an enthusiastic audience for academic research and reflection on philosophy with children, philosophy in schools and, by extension, philosophy and education. As of 1st November 2015, issue 2(1) had received over 16,943 total abstract views, giving an average of over 2420 views per article. Total article downloads were over 5222, giving the issue an average article download of over 746. We thank you for your continued support and are excited to report that we have 1316 Facebook ‘likes’ for our page, and 528 followers on Twitter (@JournalP4C). These figures have doubled in the last six months since the last issue of the JPS was published.

How to Cite: Peterson, A. and D’Olimpio, L., 2015. Editorial. Journal of Philosophy in Schools, 2(2), pp.1–4. DOI:
Published on 30 Nov 2015.


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