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Andrew Peterson ,

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Dr, Editor
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Laura D’Olimpio

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Dr, Editor
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Welcome to the second issue of the Journal of Philosophy in Schools. We are pleased to report that our first issue received a wonderful reception. As of the 5th May 2015 the issue had received over 44,500 total abstract views, giving an average of over 4000 views per article. Total article downloads were over 6000, giving the issue an average article download of over 550. We have 853 Facebook ‘likes’ for our page, and 372 followers on Twitter (@JournalP4C). We thank you for your support and hope to continue the conversation about philosophy in schools and with school-aged children. With this in mind, it is our pleasure to launch the second issue, the first for 2015, which includes four brand new articles and a book review. We have also decided to continue the tradition of including a seminal article from Critical & Creative Thinking with a new introductory note by its author.

How to Cite: Peterson, A. and D’Olimpio, L., 2015. Editorial. Journal of Philosophy in Schools, 2(1), pp.1–3. DOI:
Published on 25 May 2015.


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